Donia Massoud دنيا مسعود
Donia Massoud and the charm of old Egypt Donia Massoud is a singer and an actress. Born and bred in Alexandria, she left for Cairo at the age of 19, alone and independent, to the outrage and chagrin of her family. After a number of experiences on stage, both singing and acting, Donia began a three-year journey searching for and documenting folk poetry and music. She traveled the length and breadth of the country, from Suez to Upper Egypt, to learn and study the musical repertories of ordinary people. On her return, she founded her own independent troupe of musicians, with whom she toured Europe, Asia and Africa performing Egyptian folkloric songs and she published her cd Mahatet Masr. She also joined the Fathei Salama group, Al-Warsha troupe and many other music groups and theater troupes. Theater was always the main inspiration for Donia’s music project because she believes that these folk songs is kind of art of drama. Parallel to that she played in many movies, tv series and theater plays in Egypt and Sweden, in Arabic and English. Now she lives in Paris where she recreated her music group to continue presenting her music. All she has to do is step on stage, alone, and she takes on a very special character of her own, à style she herself describes as a “coquettishness reminiscent of Shadia and Soaad Hosni, (two legends of Egyptian cinema) as they were in the 1940s and 1950s.” Excerpts from an article by Mustapha El-Menshawy, in Al Ahram weekly.